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Water Fed Skylight

Scientifically advance 100% pure water technology, we can wash your windows without soap or chemicals, and they stay clean longer!


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Absolutely Clean Windows

100% Pure Water, How Can That Work?

Skeptical? We were at first, no soap, no chemicals? Now customers like you request this service.  Science has discovered purified water does not like to stay pure. So when we use our system to brush dirt loose while at the same time applying a drinking fountain like gentle flow of 100% Pure Water, the water grabs and suspends that dirt like a magnet to metal! We then go back over with a final rinse to leave behind nothing but pure water that evaporates Spot Free!


Perry Window Cleaning is the only window cleaner in Clark County that uses 100% pure water. Call us now.

  • Window glass and immediate frame around glass get cleaned

  • Glass stays clean longer with no tacky soap or chemicals to attract debris from the air

  • No ladder marks left in flowers or mulch, as our poles reach over to clean

  • Safer, since most ladder work is eliminated even on high and difficult access glass

  • Quicker, especially on higher windows, so we free up your day sooner

  • We give you these added benefits but do not charge you extra for the technology

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Your Benefits of 100% Pure Water Cleaning

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