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For those of you who are curious how our Perry family business, Perry Window Cleaning got started and grew, this page is for you!

Okay, It's also for us...Matt & Carrie show off our two Daughters, Son-in-laws, and our seven Grand Children!


The "Perry Family" six of seven Grand Kids on a swing

In April of 2003 after a job loss, we had a friend teach me (Matt) how to clean windows. We began seeking out customers and business began to grow! Through giving great customer service the business was getting referred to other store front and residential customers alike.

We used our passenger van at first and then upgraded over the years as business has grown.

We are still growing, as of the end of 2015 have two vans and four full time employees, two of which is our Daughter Angela and her husband Dewey.

Angela & Dewey have two of our seven Grand Kids. Our other Daughter Rebecca and her husband Caleb have the other five.

Carrie and I are fortunate as they all live within a 15 minute drive of our home!

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Now here is the section we were waiting for the Family photos!

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