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According to "MONEY" magazine, professional window cleaning yields the number one return on investment for all pre-sale improvements! An investment with a 769% return is foolproof.

Window Cleaning FAQs

Perry Window Cleaning's FAQs

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Our prices are very affordable and are actually the same or perhaps a little higher than the few companies here in Springfield, OH. Operating a real business that pays employees fairly, taxes and insurance, results with many costs not obvious to the customer at first glance. If you own a business, this is no surprise to you as you know every week you are already working the first part of the week to pay these expenses.


As an employee, if you get say $10.00 per hour, your employer is actually paying $14.00 to pay you legally and even more if there are any benefits provided! Bottom line is, if you find a company whose price is substantially lower, this should give you a RED FLAG ALERT! Price is not everything, trust and quality service have great value!


Our estimates are free and there is no pressure ever!

Our team of professionals will work with you and conveniently tailor our services to your busy schedule.

Q: Do you offer discounts of any kind?

A: Yes, after your initial cleaning, if you opt for more frequent service, the pricing can get lower accordingly. Our pricing is really based on time and we clean a window faster with only 3 months of dirt accumulation versus 12 months of dirt.

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?

A: RESIDENTIAL. How often is ultimately up to you, we provide year-round services, although we will not climb on a frost or snow covered roof to clean a skylight. Most people at a minimum to prevent window glass deterioration get annual and semi-annual cleanings. Some get service 3 to 4 times per year to enjoy clear viewing and keep their home with that sharp well-kept look!  


Then a few opt for every 2 months for the exterior only and semi-annually adding the inside that does not get dirty as fast, especially if there are no smokers or wet-nosed, dirty paws, pets in the house.          


BUSINESSES. Most commercial customers keep their businesses looking presentable by getting a monthly cleaning at the least. Many opt for bi-weekly and those with high traffic flow stay on top of their first impression by getting weekly window maintenance.

We also have some very large window count companies who have such a volume of glass to clean, will choose quarterly, semi-annual, or annual to keep within a tight janitorial budget.

Many opt for 3 cleans per year instead of Quarterly to avoid deep winter March , July, & November (becoming very popular on Larger jobs)

Q: Do I have to be home to receive a quote?

A: You don't need to be home to receive a quote; we can usually walk around and calculate your quote, then we will email it in detail to any email you designate. However, we may not be able as we walk around, in some cases, to see windows or skylights that are hidden by roof lines or landscaping. Plus we have no way of knowing about interior glass, French doors, mirrors, or other interior glass that you may want to include in the job.

Q: What if it is raining on my cleaning day?

A: You will get a call from us the morning of your cleaning day if it's raining already and it will be up to you if we still come to clean. However in most cases we come out anyway as most homes have eves that keep windows sheltered from a gentle rain. Rain does not speckle clean glass, but if it is dirty, it will disturb the dirt pattern, that's why you here that old quote, "You can't clean windows in the rain."


The truth is you can, but homeowners make that quote because they don't want to get wet while they do it! I don't blame them. If the rain is too heavy or blowing sideways, we can usually clean the interior first and then return when the rain stops for the outside maybe even a different day if it's an all-day rain event. Eight months per year, our schedule runs pretty tight so it's much easier to reschedule an outside only as opposed to a full in and out. As stated above though, you’re the boss. We will do as you desire. We just ask for your patience as we may have to push your reschedule out a few weeks in some cases.

Q: How high do you go for cleaning windows?

A: We go up to 3 stories high. Most houses are only two stories high in our area; however the design of the house and sometimes the landscape will cause the second story in effect to become three stories high. We have 100% pure water cleaning for exterior glass and can safely and effectively clean up to 40 feet from the ground with this setup.

In 2010, we have invested in a pure water fed pole system, which allows us to reach by pole to very high and hard to reach glass from the ground, such as solariums, atriums, and skylights. A GREEN way of cleaning is by utilizing 100% PURE water. It leaves no soap or chemical residue, therefore the glass stays clean longer! A win win for everyone!

Q: Should I have my windows cleaned before selling my house?

A: Absolutely, I know that's what you would expect a window cleaning company to answer, but listen to why from third party sources. According to a survey of 2,000 real estate agents conducted by and reported in Money Magazine, having your windows cleaned is one of the most cost-effective and high return investments you can make on your home to get it ready to sell.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We currently accept cash, checks, and all major Credit Cards for our service. For payment by credit cards we can email your invoice and you may pay through a secure link in front of your computer.

Our crews can also accept payment including credit cards at time of service!

Q: Can I just get the outside of my windows cleaned?

A: You can have just the outsides done, but we highly recommend cleaning both sides of the windows, since it is very difficult to tell which side of the glass has the dirt or smudges on, both for us as we clean them and for you as you evaluate the work. Cleaning both sides is the only way to ensure that you are getting the highest quality cleaning.


Streaks or dirt on the other side of the glass can be very deceiving. People are often amazed at how clean windows are when they are done professionally - as opposed to Windex and a paper towel, or even by a maid service.


See our Testimonials Page.


One exception would be recurring customers who have their windows cleaned several times a year, then cleaning the outside of the windows is done more often than the inside.


Click here to request a window cleaning estimate!

Q: Is there anything I need to do prior to your arrival on my cleaning date?

A: There is nothing you have to do to have a successful window cleaning as we will move items, window coverings, and furniture as needed to reach your windows.  


However there are some optional things you can do to have the timeliest and highest quality service possible. You may like to move items off windows and sills to another location (especially collectibles or anything fragile that you would prefer to handle yourself). You also may have any plants or trees trimmed properly away from your windows and walls both exterior and interior as well, for easier cleaning access and to prevent damage to the glass as the wind blows the branches.


Once again these things are optional on your part, but please do not try hosing down the windows at any time, even though you feel like you’re helping us by spraying off major dirt, cobwebs, and other debris off the glass. Tap water, even if you have softened or city water will leave behind minerals when it dries. Minerals that are left on over time, will bond to the glass, and can be difficult or impossible to remove!

Q: I know spring and fall are busy, so how do you prioritize the job schedule?

A: We give first place to those who are established customers who most frequently have window cleanings scheduled such as monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Next, those who book their window cleaning six months or a year in advance. For example, a customer may choose a holiday like Labor Day as his annual cleaning date. Then, new customers and established customers who have not previously booked are on a first opening basis as they contact us to schedule.


Small jobs may get worked in sooner due to the fact they can sometimes be worked in around larger ones on a busy day. Many customers will book a date and ask for a call if we get a cancellation on a sooner date.


Keep in mind that we clean windows year-round, so mid-December until the weather breaks in March, we can usually work for you in the same week that you call!


Read some of our frequently asked questions below.

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